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Reviews and Testimonials

Adriana Orta, Austin TX

I LOVE TFW!!!  Rose has changed my way of working out, and my attitude about working out.  She is tough and knowledgable.

Jenny Akins Austin TX

I came to TFW wanting to get fit but not having a clue what to do at a big box gym. After meeting Rose and trying it out, I was all in. I went from not going to the gym and feeling too intimidated to even try to looking forward to it. TFW is the best part of my week. I am gaining strength every day and having a blast doing it. Meeting Rose has been life changing. Under Rose's guidance, I have already accomplished things I never thought I could. This place is more than just a gym. These people are my friends, a support system, and have encouraged a whole new, healthy life style.

Karla, Austin TX

"A big shout out to Coach Rose who has made me stronger in such a short time. I train with her three times a week, and combine my yoga and Pilates the other days of the week. I had been stagnant for 2 years. My body was no longer changing, so I started her workout program at Training for Warriors Austin ASTIG back in January. I feel happy and full of energy. Not to mention the changes that I see in my body! I got complimented twice today by random people at the gym. I 💯 recommend her. I have serious back problems and I am limited on things that I can do. She always finds a workout that honors my body and it’s limitations. Thank you!"

Jennifer Burgess, Austin TX

"When I joined TFW 9 months ago, I just wanted to lose some weight. It was time to buckle down, which in my mind meant suffering throughworkouts and depriving myself of the foods I love. Thankfully, my thinking was wrong. Workouts with Rose are actually fun and she encourages clients to follow the 80/20 rule when eating. I've not only lost a significant amount of weight, I'm pretty sure this is physically the strongest I've ever been. Speed-drills, weights, kickboxing, mma; we are constantly challenging the body to advance and build on the previous workouts. And throughout, Rose is always mindful that proper technique is used by each client. Correct form translates into progress without painful injuries. I've been able to push past my limits and set future goals higher than I thought would be possible. I'm not going to lie, I'm embarrassed by my before picture; but, I can honestly say I'm proud of the changes I've been able to make and don't plan on ever going back. I have more energy, improved sleep, and have a better general outlook on life these days. Rose has a passion for health and fitness, and it's evident that she loves helping people achieve their goals. She encourages you on rough days, she calls you on your own BS when needed, and she reminds you that the time and hard work you're putting in now is paid back in good health dividends down the road. I wouldn't be where I am today without Rose and the TFW program, and I'm thankful they are part of my life. Taking the first step is always the hardest, but having a great coach and classmates to encourage & support you along the way lightens the load. "

Monica Malouf, Austin TX

I can’t say enough good things about Rose and her gym. I’m losing weight, getting stronger every week, and just listen to all the encouragement from these wonderful people. I’ve NEVER been so excited to get up in the morning to work out! Last week I was doing 75 lb squats and today I’m at 105 lbs! Thanks for pushing me to be better, Rose!

Lisa Smith, Austin TX

Where do I start about this wonderful place? Three of us signed up two weeks ago and none of us are in shape to say the least. It's hard to make changes in your life but Rose made this easy. I spoke with her over the phone before going in to meet her and see the facility. I can honestly say that I felt better after just talking to her on the phone. We went to meet her and signed up that day. We left feeling excited about coming back to work out. How many overweight and out of shape people actually say that?? Not this girl....EVER.
Rose is a little ball of fire. A caring, compassionate, highly trained ball of fire. She makes you work the entire time and the workouts are intense but you don't walk away thinking you never want to return. In fact, it's quite the opposite. She encourages you to do what she's teaching and is patient if you just aren't quite there in terms of fitness. Trust me when I say, you WILL be there in time. 
The workouts are never the same which is nice. You walk out and actually can't wait to come back. She teaches several different types of training and all of them are exciting and fun. 
Everyone there makes you feel like you can do anything and then you start to believe it. There is nothing greater than believing in yourself. She embraces each one of us and everything different that we each bring. I highly encourage anyone to just give her a call and see for yourself that you are worth it. If you don't believe that, she will have you believing it in no time.
I cannot say enough about Astig Fitness, Rose, Jason and everyone else that is a part of this wonderful gem (pun intended). I can say this though... Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me be better to myself.

Cal Burgess, Austin TX

Rose has a proven process for weight loss. I have tried many of these types of programs and have had the most success with her. Her workouts are a combination of plyometrics and high rep, light weight training. The workouts are hard, however you will see results. I was very impressed with my results after the 30th day. If you are serious about fitness/weight loss, she is the best I have seen. Not to mention her pricing is very affordable.

Jan Smith, Austin TX

I’m so glad a co-worker told me about this great place. I have been inactive and over-weight and a little shy around people I don’t know for a long time and it took some courage just for me to show up. Boy am I glad I did !! Miss Rose, Mr Mike and Mr Jason have been amazing!! They make you feel like you are part of a great big family right from the beginning and are very encouraging and positive in everyone’s accomplishments. Miss Rose mixes up her routines and makes sure we do proper form so we don’t get bored or hurt. Oh and they remind us to breathe! One month in and I have had very good results in losing inches. If you want to make some changes and become more active this place should become your new go to dojo.

Pony Allen, Austin TX

Thanks Rose for all your help to get fit! Your knowledge and positivity keep me coming back for More. Only two months in and I’m seeing a big difference!

Dabney Gaitan, Austin TX

It’s been about 7 months since I have started here, and it’s been so life changing for me. I have lost over 20 inches (total off all body measurements). I am so energized now and love the energy that Rose gives off. She’s such a caring, patient person and I will continue to go as long as she lets me!!!!!

Alicia Marrs, Austin TX

Rose is a great and passionate leader! She works to you and your needs. The facility is clean and well equipped with everything needed. Great place for the whole family!!!

Brenda Bell, The "Tai Chi Tiger Lady", San Marcos TX

Such beautiful atmosphere with beautiful people. A place to challenge yourself, mentally and physically. Great instructors with awesome attitude!

Karen Rohlfs, Austin TX

This place rocks! Rose will kick your butt but so much fun!!

Natalie Wolfson, Goodyear AZ

Kick ass workout today at TFW Austin! Thank you Rose for showing us how it's done in Texas!

Yasmine Bella Herrera, Austin TX

Rose is a GREAT trainer. She makes you work but puts all her confidence in you, and in return all your confidence is in her. She is uplifting and ecouraging. She is just over all AWESOME! I'm excited for this new journey that had been bestowed upon me.

Virginia Lozano, Austin TX

I have fallen in love with Astig Fitness and Rose!!! After decades of not sticking to a workout because it was just too boring and became a task, I have finally found something that I never think of leaving or quitting because I have so much fun (even though it hurts). You can go ahead and try another fitness plan, but you won't get Rose !  She truly loves what she does and cares about getting you to your goal. I struggled with some excercises, but she either, motivated, modified, or fine tuned my technique. You will never get bored cause it is always different! I KNOW that I am gonna reach my goals with Rose's expertise and all that she gives.

Margaret Stark, Austin TX

When you need no-nonsense motivation tempered with sincere love, Rose is the person to lovingly kick your ass and help you learn to love yourself in the process!

Gwen Traudt, Austin TX

I know first hand what an amazing instructor Rose is! She has a contagious positive attitude that will empower anyone in her presence to believe in themselves and give it their all. She is a motivator and gets results. Chop chop! Sign up now!

Kathy Green, Austin TX

My son, Henry, suffers from dyslexia and AD/HD. We enrolled him ... because we heard great things about the program. Under Ms. Rose's ... training, he has blossomed. Their caring but disciplined guidance has helped his focus and self confidence immensely. So grateful for this program

Bobby Segura, Austin TX

We started with a groupon fully expecting to transfer somewhere closer to home if our daughter liked it... However, we ended up loving ... Miss Rose so much we decided to make the commute into Austin from San Marcos twice a week!!

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